Academic Activities

Group A
Related Discipline Academic Activities
Corporate Governance How to Develop a Campaign Budget?
Marketing Marketing Strategies and Election Campaigns
Supply Chain and
Information Management
Campaign or Complaint? All About Information and
Supply Chain Management!
Computing The Rise of Voting Machine
中國語文 漫遊中國文化沙龍
Translation Translation Competition for Election


Group B
Related Discipline Academic Activities
Management Negotiation to Win in Election
Financial Analysis How the US Election Influence the Global Financial Markets?
Journalism and Communication Media Production Workshop for Candidates in Election
Data Science Introduction to Statistical Image Processing
Social Sciences From Students to Students’ Movement (Student Activism):
An Asian Perspective

The Roles and Impacts of Cultural and Creative Industries in
Election Campaigns
English The Art of Language: Campaign Rhetoric


Important Notes

  1. 1. All participants will be allocated to either Group A or Group B based on the preference indicated on the online application form.
  2. 2. No relevant knowledge is required for all academic activities.
  3. 3. Please click on the name of Academic Activities for more details.