Negotiation to Win in Election

Title of Activity Negotiation to Win in Election
Mode of Activity Demo Lecture and Games
Medium of Instruction Cantonese and English
Description of Activity Offered by the Department of Management, this academic activity aims at providing participants with fundamental understandings of negotiation in election and the tactics to achieve win-win situation.

During the lecture, participants will learn the important concepts and basic theories of negotiation and some practical strategies and techniques to bargain successfully in any situations in election. A group exercise is designed to help participants to explore a highly competitive situation and recognize the challenges in the role of negotiators through the first-hand experience. Followed by the group discussion, the participants will gain new appreciation for how negotiation is an integral part of creating value for the organization.

Instructor(s) Dr. HUI Tak Yin, Ray
Assistant Professor of Department of Management

Dr. Hui obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (Organizational Behavior and Management) from City University of Hong Kong., and taught a variety of Management-, Research- and General Education-related subjects in local and Macau universities. He is an active scholar in both research and teaching. His research interests include leadership, training and coaching, work motivation, and employee adaptation in organizational contexts.

Despite academic teaching, Dr Hui also conducted practical skill workshops for students in both secondary and tertiary institutions, and the community, such as job searching technique, emotion management, critical and creative thinking and coaching techniques. In recent years, he also provided consultancy services to local companies, such as Work Efficiency Enhancement Project for Holiday Inn Golden Miles Hotel (IHG Groups).

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